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EDUCATION 1996-2003

2004-2006 Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Piracicaba-Brazil Obtained the title of 'Specialist in orthodontia'

1996-2003 Universidad de Carabobo, Carabobo- Venezuela: Obtained the title of 'Odontologist'

  • International Congress of Endodoncy, Venezuela
  • Course of Surgery and Dentofacial Orthopaedics. Venezuela
  • III Metropolitan and  Caribbean  Congress of Dentistry , Venezuela
  • International Journeys of “Oral health “ University of Carabobo” conferencist in:
    • “Corrective Surgery on Periodontal Injuries “, Venezuela, 2000 and  2001
    • International Journeys of “Oral health”, Venezuela 2002
    • Treatment on Patients, during private practice and public assistance in Venezuela, 2003
    • Theoretical Course-Practice 54hs/class about: Rational Uses of cephalometry in the Ortodontic Diagnosis. Coursebook: Philosophies of the Techniques by: Downs, Tweed, Mc. Namara Jr, Wylie, Jaraback. Brazil 2005
  • Course on Periodontal Surgery: Disinfection, Regeneration and Aesthetics. Brazil 2005
  • Workshop on Periodontal Surgery, Brazil 2005
  • Course on dental whitening, Brazil 2004
  • Course on Diagnosis and Prevention and Interceptive Treatment of Habits Harmful to Oral Health.  Brazil 2004.
  • Course of Diagnosis and treatment of  posterior crossbite structure Brazil 2004.
  • Typodont Course on Lingual Orthodontic technique., 2005
  • Orthodontic Treatment with the Edgewise technique  of patients with maloclusion in the clinic of the Dental school at  the University of  Campinas during the specialization Course.period: 2004-2006.
  • World Society of Lingual Orthodontic. New york - USA 2006
  • Invisalign. Georgia - USA, 2007
  • Member of the American Dental Association
Dr. Carolina Blanco
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